About Us

Our Roots

United Engineering was established in 1921 as a small service and repair shop. As Canada became involved in WWII, United Engineering was well positioned to service the immediate growth in local industry.

After the war, a strong economy and an expanding forest industry presented opportunities serving logging, sawmills and pulp mills. Industry began to move out of Victoria during the eighties and so United branched into structural steel, in addition to service and repair work.

New Markets

Moving to our current location in 1991, United was able to offer water and barge access. This opened new markets in marine repair and marine construction. In addition, United added several large capacity machines to our machine shop setting United apart from other shops.

In 2001 United bought a CNC burning table and began to stock steel inventory to compliment our shearing, forming and heavy plate fabrication services.

Serving Victoria for Nearly a Century

Although we have grown to specialize in large fabrication and machining work, United continues to pride itself on service and repair work for local customers just as we did when we began.

Harjim began in the 1950's and was a fixture on the corner of Rock Bay and Bay. From its beginning as Harry's and Jim's machine shop, Harjim has developed into one of Victoria's largest structural steel and miscellaneous metal shops.

In 2010, Harjim joined the Ralmax Group as a division of United Engineering. The doors closed at the Rock Bay shop in late 2011 and Harjim moved over to join United Engineering on Harbour Road and occupy a new shop space. Harjim continues to offer the same services with the same experienced staff.

In 2015, Ralmax purchased the Ramsay Machine Works building and lands and moved the majority of the United Engineering and Harjim operations to this new location at 2066 Henry Avenue in Sidney. United Engineering has become tremendously more flexible and efficient in our new location and have gained a significant level of expertise by employing a number of the previous Ramsay employees. The new location combined with the skills and expertise of both United Engineering and previous Ramsay employees have positioned us to take on significantly larger projects and service more customers.

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