United Engineering's fabrication side is extremely versatile. We have two locations - a  40,000 square foot main shop located in Sidney and a 7500 square foot sattelite shop with a 4000 square foot paint shed for coatings on Harbour Road.  Both locations are strategically located by the water so that Fabrications can be loaded onto a barge or launched directly into the water.


United Engineering provides an attractive alternative to overseas fabrications when cost benefit analysis and life expectancy are key factors in bid selection. We have a large facility, an accessible location and a proven track record for success.

Ramsay's location and expertise has extensive experience and can work with your company to build a variety of Material Handling Equipment such as Stacker Reclaimers, Shiploader Conveyors, Quadrant Shiploaders, and Barge Loaders.


United Engineering and Ramsay Machine Works are industrial manufacturers and designers of pressure vessels, modules, piping, heat exchangers, steel and stainless steel tanks. The plant is very competitive on the larger and complicated Pressure Vessels. The Ramsay Group is ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Certified (approved with U stamp). The Ramsay Group has been entrusted with very large and complicated Pressure Vessel projects due to our outstanding reputation for quality required when manufacturing any vessel under pressures over 15 pounds per square inch (PSI).

United Engineering's location and assembly space is set up nicely for modular fabrication. With barge access at both locations, United Engineering has the ability to ship large modules that have been outfitted with whatever piping, pneumatics, electronics, etc. that a given project could need.

United Engineering is very competitive in the areas involving manufacturing, designing and building. We work with customers and partners to come up with value added and cost conscious proposals.

United Engineering and Ramsay have extensive experience and can work with your company to design and build almost anything.

United Engineering has a machine shop with the largest machine tools on Vancouver Island. Our most versatile machine is our open side CNC mill with vertical and side heads. It has a 7'x22' table, 25 ton capacity, thread milling, carbide drilling and cutters up to 12" in diameter.

Structural steel is fabricated and erected through our Harjim division.  Harjim was bought and consolidated from their Rock Bay location into United in 2010.  Harjim has been serving Victoria since the 1950's and has developed into one of Victoria's largest structural steel shops.  In 2014 we added an Ocean Avenger CNC beam drill line to increase our capabilities.

United Engineering has fully equipped welding trucks for in field service and repair work.

We understand the importance of repairing production equipment in a timely manner and will work until you're up and running again.

United Engineering stocks over 150 tons of plate at our Island Plate facility. This includes mild steel, 44W and QT plate in sizes up to 2".

United Engineering is CSA W47.2 certified for aluminum fabrication.  Recent aluminum projects have been operator cabs, ramps, and boat repairs.  Contact us with your project and we can help you.